Who We Are!

Voyar Technologies is an inter-city ride-sharing software company built to help solve the growing problems of traffic congestion and environmental pollution that result from traveling between Canadian cities. We do this by offering shared and affordable inter-city transportation to passengers.

Understanding that inter-city travel can take several hours, we match you with other passengers and drivers with interests similar to yours, amongst other factors. This offers you ample opportunity to network and build valuable relationships. By carpooling between cities, you also help combat traffic congestion and greenhouse gasses.

This innovative solution is driven by our proprietary iSRMA (Intelligent Statistical Ride Matching Algorithm) that will take into consideration not only the practical aspects of travel, such as the starting point, final destination, price, and timing, but also individual requirements, preferences, and personalities. We also provide a fully integrated experience for our users, whereby the entire ride-sharing process can be managed within the app.