Drive, Deliver & Earn!

We help you transport goods and items easily both inter- and intracity. All our drivers are properly verified. Throughout the trip, you can monitor the progress of your package, assuring that your package gets to the right person at the right time in perfect condition.

With the tap of a button, you are able to get your package from one location to another with no stress. Our tiered system allows you to transport anything from fragile to more sturdy packages.

Choose your location and destination

You select the pickup and destination points on the app. You also get to choose your preferred delivery speed and package type.

Wait for pickup

Once you’re matched with a suitable driver with whom you’re satisfied, you wait for your carrier at the agreed pickup location.

Track your package

You can track your parcel’s progress with the app. This shows where your parcel is, the expected delivery time, and other important information.

Contactless payment

Neither you nor the recipient of your package needs to be physically present to pay. All payments are handled automatically on the mobile app.

Leave a review

You leave a review for the carrier, based on the delivery time, and the state of the package when received. This serves as an incentive for carriers to uphold high delivery standards.

Join Our Waitlist To Drive, Network & Earn!

Join Our Waitlist To Drive, Network & Earn!

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