Safety Is Our Priority

We go the extra mile to ensure all our users feel safe and secure while using Voyar. Due to our focus on local travel, we are able to conduct in-depth verification of all riders and passengers. Passengers are also able to choose who they ride with based on ratings, interests, and personality.

Our drivers are held to the highest health standards to help protect both passengers and themselves. Additionally, we have robust data protection for all drivers and riders.

You choose who you travel with

While you are matched automatically with the most suitable driver or passenger based on your selected criteria, you can still choose who you want to travel with.

Before you travel, you can review a member’s profile, including their name, photo, reviews from other passengers, and more.

We monitor activity closely

We closely monitor the activity of all our drivers and have automated checks in place to ensure a safe and reliable experience.

We have zero-tolerance for harassment, abuse, or stalking, and strict policies against speeding and reckless driving.

Your money is safe with us

All rides are booked and paid for through our secure payment gateway. All transactions are processed through Paypal, one of the most secure payment providers available.

You’re protected from scams

As all communication and payments are conducted through the Voyar app, you are protected from any scams.

As long as you keep all communication, booking, and payments on Voyar, you’ll be protected by our member protection system. Your identity and data are also kept securely.

We’re here to help

Our support team is available 24/7 to help you in any way you may need and ensure you have a positive travel experience.